Green and Gold Belt

History of the Green and Gold Belt

First generation: The first official belt of the World Boxing Council was presented with a silver plaque, black velvet sash. Some of the glories of our sport who made one of these their own were: Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, José Napoles, Miguel Canto, among others.

Second generation: This was the first Adidas Original Belt. This piece was designed by Don José Sulaimán and was supported in this regard by Mr. Piero Pini. This marked the birth of the now very famous, valuable and coveted “Green and Gold” belt. It was implemented from 1976, the year since great champions have carried it, some of them were Larry Holmes, Sugar Ray Leonard, Carlos Zárate and Alexis Arguello.

Third generation: This sketch integrated two rows of flags around the logo. Muhammad Ali and Joe Louis were also immortalized on the strap, by means of two gold medals with their images. Some of the greats who received him were, among many more, Julio César Chávez, Mike Tyson and Ricardo López. This sash had small metal chains joining the medallions in which the aforementioned photographs appeared.

Fourth generation: In 2000 we took another big leap by introducing a belt with three lines of flags around the logo to include the then 165 countries affiliated with the WBC. Four ceramics were also added to it that came to replace the medals and small chains of the previous one. This belt was won by Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Márquez, among other greats in the ring.

Fifth generation: This belt model is used to recognize the current champions and highlights a more than notable difference with the previous ones, since several ceramic figures were added to those that he already had. This sash has three inlaid on the right side and as many on the left side. As a very visible change, the Photographs of Don José Sulaimán, the champion chosen among the best in our history (WBC) according to the division in which he is in play and that of the boxer who won the belt. At the other end you can see Muhammad Ali and the one selected by the "Board" and the owner of the belt are repeated. The latter according to the division in question among the 17 that we have within men's boxing. On the other hand, more flags were added, of course from the new countries that joined our organization.

We cannot rule out the new division and the addition of Floyd Mayweather to the belt generation.

Green belt What does it mean? Represents? What materials is it made of?

The Green Belt means being the champion of the world, being the most prestigious award for a boxer, an icon in the sport that every boxer dreams of winning one day. It has been worn by the greatest boxers in history such as Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Julio Cesar Chávez, Ray Leonard, among others. The green belt is made of leather, gold, passion, pride, courage, illusions, sweat, tears, bravery, honor and glory, being the award of highest excellence boxing that can be given to an athlete.

The WBC gold belt is a unique edition of the green belt that is awarded in a fight, in a unique evening between the two greatest exponents of boxing today.

"My blood is green, my heart is gold."