Social media celebrity feuds: the intention is good, the forms are not the best

by WBC Store on Jun 29, 2021

Social media celebrity feuds: the intention is good, the forms are not the best
In recent months boxing has gained strength in terms of attracting young audiences. We have seen how celebrities on social media have joined the sport with intentions of growing it and probably making a career out of it.

A fan new to pugilism is always welcome. The doors are very large and the place is very spacious for those who want to join the sport. However, before the intention, the forms count and count a lot.

We recently saw an event between Youtubers and Tiktokers. A card that took place in June 12 of this year at Hard Rock Stadium, Miami, starring social media content creators in what was supposed to be, according to the official poster, only for entertainment.

The issue that jumped out to the eyes of experts and those who know about this, was that in that function there was a fight in which the health of one of the participants was put at serious risk, specifically Bryce Hall who was punished during his fight against Austin McBroom. Again, those who want to practice boxing are always welcome, but the care of the human being is paramount, it is the only thing that matters and that is what was seriously exposed.

Thus, the first thing that has to be done, in any sport, but especially in a contact one, is to take care of the athlete as the vital factor. On this occasion, the perception we had is that his well-being was in danger. Therefore, we hope that in the future everyone will learn from these mistakes.

Exhibitions or shows are not supervised by sanctioning bodies, but it is the boxing community’s concern; Work protocols should be implemented to ensure that boxing does not become legalized brutality.

A protocol must establish certain rules for contact sport’s exhibitions that differ from professional bouts in their performance: maybe mandatory headgear for non pro-bouts, 12 or 14 oz gloves, 2 minute breaks, etc. All this needs to be controlled to ensure the safety of those participating in these events.

By Miguel Delucio

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