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These Terms and Conditions were last updated on December 8, 2021.


Welcome to wbcstore.com (the "Website"). These Terms and Conditions are proposed by World Boxing Council Store, SA de CV, a commercial company incorporated under the laws of the United Mexican States, (hereinafter "World Boxing Council Store"), with the aim of regulating the services and conditions general sales of products, activities related to it, and access or use by any natural or legal person (the "User"), through the virtual platform composed of a website that can be identified through the address from URL https://wbcstore.com ,  (hereinafter "the Site") that World Boxing Council Store makes available to the client who will hereinafter be referred to as "the User").


In the event that you do not accept these Terms and Conditions, as a mandatory and binding regulatory body, you must refrain from using the site and/or purchasing any service or product. The use of the Website is only available to people who have the legal capacity to contract, that is, people over 18 (eighteen) years of age or those indicated by applicable law.


The use of the services, functions or electronic, digital or technological tools made available by World Boxing Council Store through the Site, imply the acceptance that you grant for the contractual relationship to be executed and governed based on these Terms and Conditions, in all their parts, which take effect between the User and World Boxing Council Store, as well as with respect to any beneficiary indicated by the User.


The technological tools provided to the User by credit or banking institutions, to make payments, are alien to World Boxing Council Store, and the User and said institutions are solely responsible for their proper use and protection, releasing World Boxing Council Store from any liability arising from unrecognized charges.


  1. Site Access

The User is any natural or legal person who uses, manipulates or activates functions of the website; who will have the obligation to read and understand the provisions established in these Terms and Conditions, as well as refrain from using the Site if they are not satisfied with them.


The User accepts and acknowledges that it is their responsibility to continuously inform themselves of the modifications of these Terms and Conditions, since only the Terms and Conditions that are in force at the moment in which the purchase of products and/or products is carried out will be applicable. or services.


These modifications or conditions will be established in adherence to the Terms and Conditions, and will be considered part of these for all legal purposes. Without prejudice to what is established in the immediately preceding paragraph, any type of modification, promotion or supplementary condition may be notified to the User through the same Website or by any other means that World Boxing Council Store deems appropriate for this purpose.


  1. License

World Boxing Council Store grants the User a non-transferable, non-exclusive and limited license to access and make personal use of the Site, subject at all times to these Terms and Conditions described and accepted by the User, for the exclusive purpose of buying the products offered. on the Site and/or carry out activities related to that purpose.


The User must refrain from modifying in any way, from downloading elements from any part of the Site, with the exception of those pages that must necessarily be downloaded due to the purchase of products, or from using the site and any of the contents of the site, to Any matter that is not expressly authorized in these Terms and Conditions, the User being responsible for the damages that could be caused to the World Boxing Council Store due to improper use of the site. This License does not grant the User the power to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell or in any other way dispose of or misuse the Site. The User is strictly prohibited in any way to collect information or Personal Data from other users of the Site.


World Boxing Council Store reserves the right to revoke this license when, at its discretion, it considers that the User is misusing the Site.


  1. User Account

Through the website, goods and products are offered with the possibility of purchase; Due to the content and purpose of the website, people who want to use the website will have as an essential condition the creation of a User account, which is done by filling out registration forms, where personal data will be requested such as name, date of birth, telephone, address, email address, among others that may be specified later ("Personal Data"). 


The User must fill out the forms with their personal information in an exact, precise and true manner, assuming the commitment to update and/or rectify their Personal Data as necessary. This information allows the full identification of the User who intends to acquire the products or services.


Once the registration form is completed, the User of the website will receive an access password, the User will be solely responsible for keeping the password provided and other account identifiers secure, the account holder is fully responsible for all activities that occur under your password or account. Likewise, World Boxing Council Store must be notified of any unauthorized use of the User's password or account.


World Boxing Council Store will not be responsible, directly or indirectly, for any loss, damage and/or harm of any kind incurred as a result of non-compliance with the condition established in the immediately preceding paragraph.


The User must refrain from falsifying, modifying and/or altering their Personal Data in any way possible; as well as to carry out any type of illicit activity or crime through the Site. By using the Site, the User declares and acknowledges that the information with which he opens his account is true. In the event that the User fails to comply with the aforementioned, World Boxing Council Store may exercise the corresponding legal actions, as well as demand payment of the damages caused.


In the event that World Boxing Council Store verifies or suspects any fraudulent and/or malicious use and/or contrary to these Terms and Conditions and other policies of World Boxing Council Store and/or contrary to good faith, morality or good customs, will have the unappealable and discretionary right to terminate the relationship with the User.


World Boxing Council Store may cancel the accounts and even legally collaborate with the competent authorities to prosecute offenders.


In the case of actually verifying the commission of illicit activities, crimes or fraudulent or abusive uses of the account, World Boxing Council Store will have the power to cancel the orders and/or sales of products made by the User holder of such account without any type of responsibility.


World Boxing Council Store reserves the right to reject the creation of accounts when: (i) there is a pre-existing account with the same email address; (ii) there is no availability of the pseudonym that the User intends to use to create the account; (iii) an account linked to the same User has been previously canceled due to any of the aforementioned incorrect uses; and (iv) any other reason that would reasonably make it inconvenient to create the World Boxing Council Store account.


User accounts will be managed by the operator at its discretion or by the person it designates, having full power to preserve the account or not, when the information provided by the User is not true, complete or secure; or when there is a breach of the User's obligations.


At no time will the operator request information that is not necessary for its relationship with the User and for facilitating payment, so debit or credit card data will only be requested at the time of making the virtual payment. These data will not be stored by the World Boxing Council Store, and will be used directly by the User, where the security and privacy conditions in which it is carried out will be reported.


The treatment of the Personal Data provided by the User will be subject to the provisions of the Privacy Policy of the World Boxing Council Store, which is available on the Website.


The User agrees to immediately notify World Boxing Council Store by the means of communication established on the Site and referred to in these Terms and Conditions, in case there is abnormal activity within his account, as well as about unauthorized activities that occur. made by third parties.


For the cancellation of the User Account, World Boxing Council Store will establish a mechanism within the Site to which the User will have access at any time to cancel their account.


World Boxing Council Store reserves the right not to cancel the account when its existence is necessary for the fulfillment of a certain contractual obligation that either party has by virtue of the purchase or sale of the products that are marketed on the Site, committing to delete the User account immediately after fulfilling such obligations.


By creating the account, the User is expressing his willingness to expressly and unequivocally accept these Terms and Conditions.


When the User uses the website, without the need to create a "user account", limiting their identification data, as permitted by the digital platform , the User unconditionally expressly and unequivocally accepts these Terms and Conditions.


Changes and returns may only be made if the User purchased said goods or services through their user account duly registered on the website.


  1. Personal Data and use of the Website

World Boxing Council Store processes information about the User in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which can be consulted through the Website.


By using the Website, the User accepts this processing and guarantees that all Personal Data provided by is accurate.


The User authorizes World Boxing Council Store, so that through the Website it uses various means to identify their Personal Data, the User assuming the obligation to review, rectify and keep them updated. World Boxing Council Store is not responsible for the accuracy of the User's Personal Data.


The Users guarantee and are responsible, in any case, for the veracity, accuracy, validity and authenticity of their Personal Data.


World Boxing Council Store reserves the right to change, modify, add or remove portions of these Terms and Conditions of Use at any time. The changes will be effective when they are published on the Website, which must be accepted by the User, in order to continue using the Website and its services.


  1. Service description

World Boxing Council Store offers through the digital platform, goods and products, which are available to the User.


In order to acquire the desired goods and products, the User must be fully identified with their User Account and follow the following procedure:


  1. The User must enter the website indicating their address to determine the address where the products will be delivered.


  1. The delivery address must be exact, and the User must provide all the necessary data to guarantee the delivery of the product. This address must be within the delivery coverage range; Otherwise, the request cannot be carried out.


  1. You will select the products that you intend to acquire. Once selected, the characteristics and total value of the products will be made available to the User through photographs and reference notes, which allow their full individualization, for detailed analysis and User consent.


  1. Once the consent has been accepted and expressed by the User, World Boxing Council Store must display a summary of the requested products in terms of their general conditions such as the brand and the presentation supplied. With this information the Consumer will be able to validate the selected product.


  1. The entry or selection of products to the shopping cart, accredits the manifestation of the unequivocal will of the User, to acquire a certain product. This is provided that, at this time, the User has been informed of the characteristics of the products and services of the World Boxing Council Store, and agrees to its Terms and Conditions.


Notwithstanding the foregoing, World Boxing Council Store reserves the right to limit the selection of products for the shopping cart, due to inventory or any other matter that could limit the acquisition of said specific product.


  1. Once the previous steps have been completed, the total price to be paid for all the products found in the shopping cart section will be made available to the User, which will be reflected as a unit and as a whole, in addition to the shipping cost. , of transaction if applicable and corresponding taxes.


  1. Pay

The payment will be made by the User directly on the Website, which will be processed by the “Stripe” payment platform. The User may only make payments through the channels and forms of payment available on the Site. ( VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, PayPal, and Gift Cards "Gift Card").


All the prices indicated on the Website include the Value Added Tax (VAT).


The User must select the means and form of payment that he wishes to use, having as an option the payment by credit and debit card through the Site, or with PayPal through the link indicated by the Site.


Once the payment method has been indicated, the User must provide the necessary data to carry out the transaction and the delivery order of the selected products is generated. Shipping costs are not included in the price of the products.


Once the payment is made, World Boxing Council Store will issue a detailed summary of the transaction made with the User.


World Boxing Council Store will issue a payment receipt for the total of the products purchased by the User, regardless of the method of payment of the product. Said receipt will be sent to the email registered by the User.


  1. Responsibility

In the event that a Purchase Order cannot be processed due to circumstances beyond World Boxing Council Store, which cannot be foreseen, or derive from situations of fortuitous event or force majeure, the purchasing User will be notified immediately of the reason why it was not possible to process your Order, refunding any amount charged.


At any time, World Boxing Council Store may require more information from the User, in order to complete the refund process.


The User will have a maximum period of 5 business days from the notification of the World Boxing Council Store, to provide said information. In the event that the User does not provide the required information, World Boxing Council Store will no longer be obliged to make the refund, without responsibility at its expense.


All the products offered on the website are subject to availability and are offered to the User while supplies last.


Due to the foregoing, there may be the case in which the same product is purchased by several customers at the same time and that at the end of the sales process, it is no longer available, despite appearing on the Site as available.


In such a case, World Boxing Council Store will notify the User of the impossibility of processing the purchase due to such situation and any amount paid will be reimbursed, as the case may be.


The reimbursement will be made by reimbursing the amount paid by the same means in which the User made the purchase, or by electronic coupon for the total amount to be reimbursed. This coupon or Gift Card will be valid for 6 months from its issuance.


Some products offered on the website may be subject to additional conditions of sale, which may be consulted by the User together with the description of the product.


World Boxing Council Store will not be responsible for any damage, harm or loss of the User caused by failures in the system, the server, viruses or malware that could affect the User's equipment. Likewise, the User, in this act, expressly waives to demand payment for lost profits, and/or impute any responsibility to World Boxing Council Store by virtue of damages resulting from technical difficulties or failures in the systems or on the Internet.


World Boxing Council Store does not guarantee continuous or uninterrupted access and use of its site. The system may eventually be unavailable due to technical difficulties or Internet failures, or due to any other circumstance unrelated to the website; in such cases, efforts will be made to restore it as quickly as possible without any type of responsibility being attributed to it. World Boxing Council Store will not be responsible for any errors or omissions contained in its website.


  1. Anticipated termination

The User may request the early termination of the sales contract as long as the product has not been shipped. Otherwise, the User may request the return of the product in the terms indicated below.


In the event of early termination of the contract, the total amount paid will be refunded through the same means used to make the payment or through a Gift Card.


  1. Claims and Returns

The User may return the products within 30 calendar days following their purchase, as long as, on the Website, it is not established that said product is not subject to returns. In the case of returning the products, the corresponding refund will be made.


The User may make such claims and returns by sending an email to the address " contact@wbcstore.com " where he must specify his User name, product purchased, order identification number, and explaining as precisely and clearly as possible, the reasons for which you request the return and/or claim of the products.


The User accepts and acknowledges that, regardless of the return conditions established here, the return policy may vary in certain products. In the description of each product it will be established if said product has a restriction or particularity regarding the returns process and the User accepts at the time of making a purchase the application of said special conditions of returns.


The risk of the loss of the product will belong to the World Boxing Council Store until it has been delivered to the parcel company contracted by the User, through the World Boxing Council Store, unless the product is identifiable from the moment of its shipment. purchase, with serial number, folio, or any other data that serves to individualize the product.


In case of return or exchange of the product, the User will always cover the shipping cost. The User must keep a proof of shipment, which includes a description of the product and its condition at the time of shipment, identification data of the package, contact information, and any other relevant information for receiving the product.


World Boxing Council Store will not be responsible for returned products that do not arrive at the company's facilities, nor will it assume responsibility for products that are damaged in return shipping.


For the return and refund of the product to be appropriate, it must be returned without damage, use, modification, alteration, staining and must be returned with its original packaging.


The User has 30 calendar days from the day of purchase to request a change or return of the purchased products.


There will be no exchange, return and/or refund for damage from daily use, poor care of the product or natural wear and tear of materials after a prolonged period.


If the product has a factory defect, the User will have 30 calendar days to make it effective. The product or products in question will be subject to inspection to determine if they are eligible to be returned or exchanged for another equal or similar garment.


If it is determined that the product does not have defects, or that the damage was not caused by a factory defect, but by misuse of the product, the return or exchange of the product will not proceed.


For more information about our Return Policy, the User should send an email to the following address: contact@wbcstore.com .


  1. Notification

Any communication that the User sends to World Boxing Council Store regarding the website, including but not limited to any question, criticism, comment and/or suggestion will become the sole and exclusive property of World Boxing Council Store, considering that the User grants a free and irrevocable license for the use and disposal of World Boxing Council Store on such information, which will not be returned unless there is a court order from a competent authority.


Similarly, by providing your email or sending an email to World Boxing Council Store, it is understood that the User gives his consent to receive electronic communications, considering at all times our Privacy Policy consented by the User.


The User agrees that any communication that World Boxing Council Store makes by such means, including without limitation any notice, notification, agreement and other communications, satisfy any legal requirement that they be in writing and agreement and the User accepts that they are confidential and You must keep them as such.


World Boxing Council Store may notify any type of notice or information, through the website or the email provided by the User. Notice will be deemed received and duly delivered 24 hours after it is posted on the Website, or mailed to the User's email address.


World Boxing Council Store will not be responsible for the content of external websites or advertising resources that may be linked to the Website by third parties.

The User assumes full responsibility for the damages or affectations that result from entering sites other than the website.


World Boxing Council Store will not be responsible for communications sent outside the terms of this document.


  1. Content Standards

World Boxing Council Store reserves the right not to post any Contribution on the Website or to remove any Contribution at our sole discretion.


Contributions must not:

  • Contain anything defamatory, obscene, offensive, hateful, threatening, or inflammatory;
  • Contain or promote sexually explicit material or violence;
  • Be used for deception, or to mislead as to your identity or affiliations;
  • Promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age;
  • Infringe the copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights of another person;
  • Promote or suggest anything illegal, including copyright infringement or computer misuse; 
  • Being in breach of any legal duty, including a contractual duty or a duty of trust;
  • Promote any illegal activity;
  • Invasion of third party rights;


  1. Suspension and Termination

In case of breach of these Terms and Conditions, World Boxing Council Store may suspend or permanently terminate the contractual relationship with the User.


Likewise, World Boxing Council Store reserves the right to carry out the legal actions it deems pertinent against the User, for the misuse of the website.


  1. Intellectual Property Policy

World Boxing Council Store is the owner and/or licensee of the trademark and trademark "WBC Store/ World Boxing Council Store", registered trademark and start-up. The content published on the Site consisting of images, software, designs, text, sound, logos, illustrations, website appearance, devices, brands, trademarks, product selection, articles, the agreement, product names and other content included or provided as part of the Website, and the coordination of such content on the Website (collectively, "Copyright Material"), is the property of the World Boxing Council Store or one of our companies. group and are protected by copyright laws and treaties around the world.


The User will refrain from engaging in conduct that could affect or jeopardize the intellectual property rights of World Boxing Council Store or its suppliers.


Likewise, in the event that World Boxing Council Store suspects that of the commission of illegal activity or infringement of intellectual or industrial property rights, World Boxing Council Store reserves the right to adopt all the measures it deems appropriate to cancel the accounts of the User who does not verify the legal use of the registered brand/s.


  1. Using Our Copyrighted Material

World Boxing Council Store allows the User to access, store, print and use the Copyright Material on the Website for their personal and non-commercial use.


The User may at no time modify, copy, reproduce, publish, manipulate, upload or distribute, in any way, any material or information on or downloaded from the website, without prior written authorization.


  1. Shipment

The product will be sent to the address indicated by the User at the time of making the purchase.


The shipping cost will always be covered by the User, who may choose between the shipping costs that are in force at the time of placing the order:

  • National Shipping:
  • Shipping abroad:

Once the product payment has been made, and having received confirmation email of the purchased products, through the website, the User will be able to check the status of their order in real time.


The delivery time for National Shipping will be approximately 2 to 5 business days; Shipments abroad may be from 7 business days.


Delivery times are subject to restrictions. We can use external third parties for the delivery of the Products that collaborate directly, in order to make the deliveries in the shortest possible time.


Purchases made during (official) holidays or on weekends will be processed on the first following business day. If we cannot deliver the order within said time interval, the User will be notified as soon as possible.


  1. Delivery

The User unconditionally agrees to receive the product and to reliably document any deficiency, error, or defect in terms of identity, quality or quantity.


The User is obliged to sign the delivery and conformity certificate, which will be provided by the World Boxing Council Store, in which the state of the product at the time of delivery will be recorded, considering it delivered and releasing from any type of responsibility. to the seller or carrier.


In the event that the User refuses to sign the delivery and conformity certificate, he waives the right to demand reimbursement or return regarding the purchased product, and the World Boxing Council Store will not be obliged to make the actual delivery of the product, configuring the virtual delivery as required later.


From the moment the product is made available to the User, that is, the moment the seller, carrier or representative of the World Boxing Council Store appears at the address indicated at the time of purchase, the product will be considered virtually received by the User, so World Boxing Council Store will only have the rights and obligations of the depositary. The depositor is responsible for all procedures and expenses for storage, conservation, administration, and collection and delivery of the product.


Upon virtual, real or legal delivery of the product, the parties agree that the sale will be considered terminated or consummated for all applicable legal purposes, the rights of the User being spared in relation to hidden defects, operating defects and any other to enforce them as a redhibitory action in terms of the Civil Code of Mexico City.


In the event that the product is not received or there is an impossibility to be delivered due to lack of information or reasons attributable to the User, said situation will be notified so that the impediment is corrected, and a new shipping date can be indicated.


If for the second time the product cannot be delivered, for reasons attributable to the User, the storage location where it will be available to the User will be notified.


If in a period greater than 30 calendar days, the User does not go to the indicated address to pick up the product, it will be considered delivered.


  1. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

This agreement will be governed in all its points by the laws in force in the Mexican Republic, in particular regarding data messages, electronic contracting and electronic commerce will be governed by the provisions of the respective federal legislation.


Any controversy derived from this agreement, its existence, validity, interpretation, scope or compliance, will be submitted to the applicable laws and to the competent Courts of Mexico City.


For the interpretation, fulfillment and execution of this contract, the parties expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the competent courts of Mexico City, consequently renouncing any jurisdiction that may correspond to them due to their present or future domicile.