The User may return the product(s) within 30 calendar days following his purchase, as long as the product(s) description(s) do/does not establish/es that said product(s) is/are not subject to returns. If the return of the product(s) proceeds, then the corresponding refund will be made. The return of the products only operates with respect to duly delivered products, when they present hidden defects or due to negligence, other products would have been delivered to those purchased.


Handmade or custom-made products are made at the time of purchase, under the characteristics requested by the User, so the return cannot be made, unless said products are damaged, for reasons attributable to the World Boxing Council Store.


The User may make claims and returns in the section established by the World Boxing Council Store on the Site for this purpose. Said section lies within the Profile of the User and contains a series of steps to be completed for this process.


The User accepts and acknowledges that, regardless of the return conditions established in these Terms and Conditions, the Return Policy may vary for certain products. The product description(s) establish/es whether the product(s) has/have a restriction or particularity regarding the return process or not. The User accepts the enforcement of such special return conditions at the time of making a purchase.


The risk of product loss will be assumed by the World Boxing Council Store until it has been sent, unless the product is identifiable from the moment of purchase, with a serial number, folio, specific characteristics or any other useful data to individualize the product.


If the product is returned or exchanged, then the User must always cover the shipping cost and keep the shipment proof, which will include a description of the product(s) and status at the time of the shipment, identification data, contact information, and any other relevant information for the reception of the product(s).


The World Boxing Council Store will not be responsible for the returned product(s) that does/do not arrive at the company’s facilities, nor will he assume the responsibility for product damage during the shipment.


For the product(s) return and refund to proceed, it/they must be returned without damage, use, modification, alteration, stain, and must be returned with its/their original packaging.


The User has 30 calendar days starting from the purchase day to request either an exchange or return of the product(s) purchased.


There will be no exchange, return and/or refund for products damaged from daily use, or poor product care or natural wear of materials after a prolonged period


If the product(s) has/have a factory defect, the User will have 30 calendar days starting from the purchase day to make this warranty effective. The product(s) in question will be subject to inspection to determine whether it/they is/are eligible for an exchange for an identical product or a return for a similar one, or not.


If it is determined that the product(s) does/do not have factory defects, or that the damages were not caused by such condition, but by a misuse of the product, then neither the exchange nor the return of the product(s) will proceed.


For more information about the World Boxing Council Store’s Return Policy, the User must send an email to the following address: