Protection of Personal Data.

The Responsible will treat the Personal Data of the Data Subject, solely and exclusively in accordance with the Privacy Policies on this Website. The Personal Data collected will be used for the necessary purposes that give rise to the contractual and commercial relationship between the Controller and the Data Subject, such as the following:


  • Process purchases of products and/or services made on the Website, specifically through the digital platform identified with the URL;
  • To offer the services and/or products required by the Holder, appropriate to their needs, customizing our services and products;
  • Updating our databases;
  • That the Holder can create your customer account on the Website and/or applications and allow you to use our services and products;
  • Perform, where appropriate, the physical delivery of orders at the address previously indicated by the Holder;
  • Process payments, bank clarifications and invoicing;
  • Attend to doubts, complaints, comments, suggestions, clarifications, returns and/or follow up on them;
  • Promotional, advertising, marketing, commercial prospecting and/or market research purposes;
  • Statistical and analytical purposes; and,
  • Collaborate with the protection of intellectual or industrial property rights, own and / or third parties.
  • For any other reason that the Controller deems necessary, without the need to inform the Data Subject in advance.



  • (i) To inform about temporary promotions;
  • (ii) To invite the Registrant to participate in raffles, sweepstakes and contests;
  • (iii) To advertise in social networks, media and information, newspapers and magazines;
  • (iv) To evaluate the quality of products and services, as well as to conduct satisfaction surveys;
  • The Data Subject may revoke his/her consent for secondary purposes as stated in paragraph 5. This privacy notice.

Transfer of Personal Data

In order to provide our services properly, we must make various transfers and/or remissions of data, in the following terms:

  • The Personal Data may be sent to subsidiaries or affiliates of the Responsible, as well as Financial Institutions, Fintech, digital banks, among others; clarifying that at all times, the Personal Data of the Data Subject will be treated in accordance with the consent granted in this Privacy Notice. The third parties receiving the Personal Data are obliged by virtue of the corresponding contract to maintain the confidentiality of the Personal Data provided by the Controller in terms of this Notice and will be identified as Processors in accordance with the provisions of the Law.
  • Said Personal Data are and/or will be used only by the personnel authorized for that purpose and in relation to the aforementioned purposes (in compliance at all times with the principles of data protection established by Law, its Regulations and any related regulations in force).
  • The Personal Data of the Holder may be transferred in case it is necessary for compliance with the Law or by requirement of competent authority duly founded and motivated. At all times the Responsible will ensure that the information disclosed is strictly indispensable according to the Law or the requirement.
  • The Controller undertakes to ensure compliance with the legal principles of protection governing the transfer of Personal Data. Likewise, it expresses its commitment to respect this Privacy Notice at all times.

If there is no opposition from the Data Subject, it is considered that he/she consents to the transfer of his/her Personal Data to the aforementioned subjects.

Any additional transfer of data that the Controller makes and requires your consent will be notified to you personally so that you can consent or deny such consent.

Means for Revocation of Consent.

At any time the Data Subject may revoke the consent given for the processing of his Personal Data. To do so, it is necessary that the Holder sends an email to requesting the revocation of their consent, being subject to the procedure described above. Consent may not be revoked if the Data Subject wishes the contractual relationship with the Controller to continue.


In terms and for the purposes of the provisions of Article 21 of the Law, the Controller expressly acknowledges that all information and Personal Data that the Data Subject makes known to us, as well as information acquired by other means, constitutes confidential information.

The Controller undertakes to maintain and preserve indefinitely as to term, and to cause our relevant officers, employees and servants to maintain and preserve at all times and indefinitely as to term, in strict confidence such information and Personal Data.